The Design Way: Prelude discussion

 The Design Way: Prelude @ You are a Designing Animal

52 Living Ideas

Monday, October 4, 2021
9:00 PM ET

Online event


33 Thoughtful Conversationalists going, including:


Stephen Kastner

"I am a new-media content creator and publisher, (writer, photographer, filmmaker,..."





"I cordially welcome you to join us in great conversations on The 103 Great Ideas."






Evanique Lindsey

We will be discussing the “Prelude” chapter. See the introductory Meetup “You are a Designing Animal” and other short videos describing the project here: See a 12 minute preview of ...


Reviewing The Design Way - 52 Living Ideas

On-line reviews of The Design Way

 52 Living Ideas

you are a designing animal: review of The Design Way


1st intro video


compilation of TDW videos


U. Montana Innovation Factory presentation

The hometown team finally invited me to give a short , very short talk about design. 
Design is a term growing in frequency of use in public and private discourse for good reasons although the term is used to designate a diversity of activities that may or may not have anything in common with one another. Students, academics and the public are asking with some insistence; “what the hell is design?” This presentation will initiate a conversation that begins to answer that question. 

Innovation factory presentation


Spanish edition of The Design Way

Have been informed that the Spanish language edition of The Design Way will be available in April 2020!

Because of the pandemic, the publication date for the Spanish language edition is now November 2021!


Spanish language edition of The Design Way coming soon.

Fondo de Cultura Económica in Mexico City is publishing the Spanish language edition of the MIT Press book THE DESIGN WAY.